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    Kim's Book Life Is A Perception What's Yours?

    I have devoted a whole chapter in the book – "Life is a Perception, What’s Yours?" to understanding and honoring the process of change. I encourage you to Live Life from the Inside Out where building your dreams becomes a way of life.

    I assist individuals in discovering their dreams and passion...

    Welcome and thank you for visiting my Website. I am Kimberley Colvard Wallace, Ph.D, The Energy Doctor. I’m an Intuitive Life and Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and the Author of: "Life is a Perception, What’s Yours? How your thoughts and beliefs determine your life."

    I hosted a radio program called Integrity in Business. This was a great gift - for everyone has a wonderful story to tell, one that is inspiring and holds great wisdom. On the program I interviewed individuals who have left corporate American to start their own business or individuals who are in business following their dreams and passions.

    My passion is assisting businesses and individuals in creating an extraordinary life. One that is filled with success, meaningful and intimate relationships. I believe to attain more fulfillment, joy and ultimate success in your life, its imperative you understand what you want and what is most important to you.

    The number one question on most peoples mind is: How do I get what I want in my career, finances, and/or relationships? Many times we get stuck in our thinking about what we want out of life or, we are in fear of making the change that will ultimately get us exactly want we desire. My job is to identify, then assist you in dissolving the blocks in your thinking that get in the way from achieving your hearts desire. I call these blocks – energy blocks. Intuitively I can see them as old learned patterns, or ways of thinking that prohibit change.

    I work with you on a personal one-on-one coaching and consulting basis that can be accomplished by phone. Drawing on my extensive Corporate/Financial background and different universal spiritual teachings, I can empower you to incorporate new skills and powerful teachings into your daily life – principles that will support and assist you in creating an achievable action plan with steps to move toward your goals and dreams.

    Your new found sense of purpose and peace can clear the way to the next step—whether it’s creating abundance in your life or wonderful relationships, releasing physical pain, or leading the lifestyle of your dreams. When you understand the process of change and how it has a method and rhythm unto itself, it makes the transformation effortless.

    I have devoted a whole chapter in the book – "Life is a Perception, What’s Yours?" to understanding and honoring the process of change. I encourage you to Live Life from the Inside Out where building your dreams becomes a way of life. Please allow me to assist you in this journey of life.






    "Kim has been a trusted advisor for me for the last 15 years. My calls with her are always uplifting and I hang up with so much clarity, peace of mind and direction. Kim's been with me through many life changes and I don't know how I'd do it without her. Her gifts are immense and she shares them freely! Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Kim"!



    - Loren-

    "Kim has an absolutely unbelievable gift"




    "Kim has an absolutely unbeIievable gift! With her help and guidance through personal consulting, she has forever changed my life for the better. She has helped me to manifest a happier and healthier lifestyle and has driven me to see myself through new eyes. I am so thankful for the person she helped me become and I look forward to future sessions with Kim".


    -Corrine -

    "Kim's gifts gave me the courage to make major changes"



    "Kims' gifts gave me the courage to move forward... her Coaching has helped me to get in touch with my personal strengths, gifts and talents. She's helped expand my awareness and I now have greater focus and purpose in my life. I recommend her highly to anyone who owns a business or needs help and guidance in all areas of life".



    "Kim is inspirational"


    "Kim is truly an inspiration. She has helped me not only buy and sell a business, she has assisted me in all areas of my personal and business Life. She always brings a fresh perspective to every conversation that is loaded with widsom. I dont ever miss my sessions with Kim, for I leave our conversations with a new hope, a feeling of inspiration and I love when she gives me homework. Thank you Kim for all that you have done for me, you are truly a wonderful blessing."



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